12 years old

Secure Sanctuary
Over the years as a rescue organization, we have come across many animals that are not adoptable due to their age, health issues and/or behavioral problems. As a result, we have opened our doors to many senior and special needs animals who have found sanctuary in our home. These animals are part of the family and we need your help to continue offering these special pets the love, care and comfort they need and deserve. We all grow old or run into difficult times where we need to lean on others. The same goes for our loving pets.

Modjeska Ranch Rescue Residents
Meet the senior and special needs pets that have found sanctuary at Modjeska Ranch Rescue. These deserving animals will enjoy safety, love and sunshine for the rest of their lives here at the Ranch. To sponsor one of our residents with a one time or monthly tax deductible donation, click DONATE on the left side of your screen. As you can imagine, the expense of caring for a special needs pet adds up quickly so your donations are what make this sanctuary option possible. 


8 years old

Miss Polly


​13 years old

Val Kilmer


14 years old


9 years old


​9 years old


​12 years old


12 years old

Old Yeller

14 years old


​9 years old

Welcome Home Greeting 


12 years old


13 years old