We took in 2 pregnant wild horses. They were brought down from N Cal. in a trailer. FYI there are thousands of wild horses (Mustangs) in the western US and left unattended the numbers can double in size every 4 years so many are taken out of the wild. A Rescue asked us if we would help and we have taken these two. We had to block the road for a little while to get the trailer backed up to the corral as these horses have never had a halter on and are not used to humans. A month ago they were out on the plains. We don’t know how pregnant they are but Mustangs normally give birth between April and June so that the foals have a chance to get stronger before winter comes. We will keep you up to date. We will go through lots of hay and probably some vet bills but so far today they are settling in well. They definitely do not want us near the corral, so if you happen to be passing and see them please do not come up to them. They will warm up in time. We have named them Thelma and Louise.

Update 8/10/19:

The Wild Mustangs (we have named them Thelma and Louise) are doing well, eating a lot of Orchard Hay ( $28 per bale or more every day). Louise is warming up and allows us to get very close now, especially if we have an armful of hay. As they are grazers, we feed them every few hours. If we miss a food slot they can get quite loud, demanding to be fed. Thelma is still quite skittish, but less so than when she arrived, so we are making progress, but more slowly with her. As you know they are both pregnant. Now that the weather is better, we will save somewhat on shavings and pellets which we used to try and keep the corral from becoming a mud bath with the heavy rain.

Front to Back: Brooklyn and Louise

Left to Right: Spirit and Thelma

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Meet Miss Polly!

4 month old Female Pot Belly Piglet. Housebroken, sweet, great with dogs.

Freddie and Fannie are 2 Finches which came to us recently. They have just had baby finches.

Update 3/29/19:

We now have 6 finches enjoying the Ranch life

Max and Stevie
Max and Stevie get along well as you can see. Both are super friendly.

She is 6 years old, spayed, current on vaccines, and is microchipped. She gets along with other dogs and needs a loving home!