5-7 years old. 3-4 lbs. Female.
Is timid, but does warm up to you. Needs someone with patience and a fenced in yard. She is doing well on her house breaking. Never been on a leash.

We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Janet Depu who helps us with all the grooming that needs to be done to keep our rescue going strong! Thank you, Janet! 

​It is COLD out in the canyon! If you have any old blankets or comforters you no longer use, our critters would love to put them to use staying warm and comfortable. Feel free to drop them by and leave on the patio. 

Contact getpet@aol.com with questions. 

28102 Modjeska Grade Rd, Silverado, CA 92676

Thank you to our local Veterinarians for their constant contribution to our rescue. We could not do it without your help! 


11-13 years old. Male.

This boy has only one tooth. He is sweet and doing well on house breaking. He would love to be with you all the time. He also needs to have a fenced in yard.

​                         Surfer

Surfer is blind in one eye and club foot.

Injured Goat At OC Animal Shelter

We were working with Shelmarie on the injured goat at OC ​Animal Shelter. We were told the following morning they gave the goat to another rescue. We did get donations for this poor baby so if you have not received your donation back please send us a message.

Unusual view of Modjeska Canyon. I was hiking up a trail behind the fire station to look at some land and this is the view looking back down on the canyon. Helena Modjeska's house is in the trees down there. If you didn't know it, she was a very famous Shakespearean actress and her house is still there. You can tour it by arrangement with the County. The house was designed by Stafford White who designed many buildings in New York and I believe one of the Washington Monuments. 

Freshly washed blankets on top of our nice sofa! Gus, Jack, Doogie and Rookie have expressed their appreciation and have decided there's no humans allowed!  

Sometimes the dogs don't understand that I have to work if they want to eat!

It's a slumber party!

There's no room on the sofa and even the little chair gets taken by these three! Gus has decided that he will now rule the little bed, too! Sorry humans! 

Update 3/2021

The last several months have been really busy! ​Hoarding pooches have had the challenges.

The last three to find a home are:​​

Coco Care/Robert and Rhonda

Thank you for our mountain lion proof barn! We are so thankful!

As you can see the small chair gets passed around at Modjeska Ranch Rescue. This is Abby. She is very old now and a bit moody but she sure looks comfortable tonight


"I think I'll take this bed!"



​Is back enjoying his friend Fancy. They have fallen in love, but of course they must be separated.


9-11 years old. Female.

She is shy and a little timid. Working on house breaking. Treating her ears for cysts. She will need to have a fenced in yard. Right now she is staying with Coco Care.